Benny Leong Weng Kong
Project Accountant

Benny is the key personnel to create accurate financial reports specifically designed to track financial progress of all projects. With abundant experience in Project Management, Benny always monitors the financial progress of the organization and projects cautiously, providing the utmost assistance to our team in managing projects.

Merlyn Loh Lee Wah
Senior Account Executive

Merlyn's key role is to provide comprehensive support to Benny not only on the financial reports, but she is also accountable in market researching and financial proposal developments. She has also made numerous actionable and insightful recommendations for our projects, delivering the finest direction at all time.

Jason Low Keng Guan
Project Executive

Jason's main responsibility is to work and communicate thoroughly with the upper management in order to develop the most strategic program and project goals for each and every project within the organization. He is also accountable in analyzing market situation from time to time to keep track of the latest development trend not only for the Local market, but for the International market as well.

Nur Azarina Binti Mohd
Contract Executive

Azarina is a holder of Bachelor Degree (Hons.) in Quantity Surveying. She graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (llUM) and registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor (RCIS). With a working experience in consulting quantity surveyor firm and contractor, she has handled numerous construction project in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. Her strengths lie in her in-depth knowledge in the field of estimation and costing, handling contracts, project management and related field of quantity surveying.