Philosophy of EBIC Group

Company Vision

To be a leading company in the property development sector.

To deliver the works on time with quality meet.

Company Quality Statement Customer satisfaction comes from our philosophy that quality is supreme. To understand customer’s needs and solve their problems by doing the right things right at the first time for them, must be a norm for all EBIC Group members.
Company Beliefs

  1. Being The Best - Quality, Cost and Delivery.
  2. The Importance of Every Individual’s Contributions.
  3. Mutual Appreciation and Gratitude.

EBIC Group is a place where people are open, caring, adaptable and confident.

Here, we recognise that every individual’s contribution is important. Members value diversity and multi-cultural teamwork as a way to gain broader perspectives and to attain synergy and global success.

We believe in mutual respect, appreciation and gratitude in order to enjoy harmony and close-knitted nests at work.